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In 2010 I experienced a rear end auto accident that turned my life upside down, never before had I experienced pain at this level, it was debilitating! I couldn’t sleep longer than 15 mins because of the pain. The desire to be relieved from the pain led me to seek help from Dr. Hayes and later to attend Myotherapy College of Utah. I graduated with 820 hours of study and clinic. Trained in over 10 Modalities, I specialized in Segemental, Myofascial, Deep Tissue for the purpose of Pain relief, Injury recovery, TMJ, Pre & Post Surgery, Pre & Post Sport event & Headache relief.

2 years later Integrated Body Worx was created to provide Pain Relief and facilitate the healing process from injury. We love a challenge and enjoy helping all, from the Sports enthusiast to the Auto Accident victim or the individual looking for Stress relief!

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